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Website & Application Design

  • Envisioning functional, contemporary design
  • Developing secure websites and applications
  • Ensuring attractive, user-friendly UI
  • Delivering results from the beginning

Reengineering & Enhancements

  • Analyzing existing software & processes
  • Identifying areas of improvement / enhancement
  • Addressing deficiencies and revamping overall system
  • Enhancing usability and applicability, to maximize ROI

Search Engine Promotion

  • Analyzing current website for SERP rankings
  • Identifying standard and innovative processes for online promotion
  • Thorough Keyword/phrase analysis
  • Targeted online promotions for best results

Ecommerce Sites Design

  • Pre-planning and Extensive Market Research
  • Identifying latest user-friendly designs that work
  • Providing robust security for online transactions
  • Ensuring backups and fail-safes in place

Custom Applications

  • Identifying specific business needs to be met
  • Planning and creating an overall customized framework
  • Analyzing relative effectiveness and success
  • Developing and deploying secure applications

Project Training & Guidance

  • Providing professional training and guidance
  • Training in Java, .Net, VB, Dreamwear, SAP, etc.
  • Offering multiple options for academic project work
  • Guiding successful candidates in right career choice

Professional Services

  • Creating one of India’s largest educational portals –
  • Offering employability enhancement services –
  • Career Guidance to final-year graduate students and recent graduates
  • “Preferred Placement Partner” for MNCs across India

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